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Over 35 Years of collective Excellence in the Chauffeuring industry

Chauffeur Knightsbridge

Impressive range of luxury vehicles

  • Mercedes E Class
  • Mercedes S Class
  • Mercedes V Class
  • Mercedes S Class Maybach
  • BMW 7 Series
  • Audi A8
  • Range Rover Autobiography
  • Rolls Royce
  • Bentley Mulsanne

Our Services

We don’t just meet your expectations, we surpass them. Noble Executive Limited provides quality and experienced transportation services to busy VIP’s, Executives , CEO’s and Directors , in London and surrounding counties, our company is committed to excellence.

The benefits of hiring professional Chauffeur services Knightsbridge

Being a celebrity or royalty comes with many challenges, especially when moving through the heart of Central London UK. Aside from the posing security loopholes, derailment from hiccups such as traffic jams, wrong turns in an unfamiliar city, or even unprofessional cab operators is common. That is why it is imperative to hire Chauffeur services Knightsbridge, which means Chauffeur allocated for an ongoing period at holiday, family home, and hotel apartment in the UK / Europe or for day-to-day transport.

Noble Executive Limited offers high-quality chauffeur services with close body protection provided by our ex-military personnel. We have a team of dedicated industry professionals who have a combined 35 years of experience in the Chauffering industry. We give you Luxury Quality and Experience when traveling around the top of the range cars, which are, of course, at your disposal.

In other words, we don’t only meet your expectations but surpass them too.

We offer other services that include 1 – 3 Michelin Star itinerary, Exclusive private Shopping, private apartment arrangements, VIP box equestrian, yacht transfers, and helipad transfers. It is also possible to meet our clients’ prior requirements so that we can offer tailored services accordingly.

The benefits of hiring professional chauffeur services like us include but not limited to, the following:

  • Airport transfers

We offer both private suite and regular terminal airport transfers within any airport in London and the UK. Our services also include helipad transfers and jet leasing with a world-class trained staff to ensure your comfort.

  • Events

Make your arrival the talk of the day with professional chauffeur services offered by topnotch providers like Noble Executive Limited. We cover all the prestigious events that you can think of in London and the UK. For instance, our well-mannered chauffeurs will drive you to in top of the range cars with close body protection drawn from the military. For VIPs, we also provide entertainment with champagne and snacks during the entire event. Some of the events that we have successfully covered in the recent past include NFL and Champions League Football. Make your money do the work for you. There is much more that you’ll love with our exclusive VIP events’ services.

Besides personal services, we also offer transport management for TV and film crews to any part of the European continent. In other words, let Noble Executive Limited handle your travel itinerary to any event you choose, and you’ll not regret it even a bit about it.

  • Weddings

We provide the best transport itinerary for weddings with VIP chauffeured cars. Our vehicles also come with refreshments and a selected playlist of your choice for entertainment. Among the car options that our clients have access to include Bentley Mulsanne, Rolls Royce Phantom, Range Rover, Audi, and many much more to surpass your expectations.

  • Close protection

Noble Executive Limited provides 360 concentric security to your household, whether at home or in the streets. Our ex-military trained personnel move professionally and precisely to ensure that danger is always spotted and neutralized before reaching you. You can also use our services to move large sums of money or valuables such as important documents and precious stones within Europe’s continent.

  • Corporate Travel Management

Noble Executive Limited provides any type of corporate travel management your crew can think of to make them more comfortable during business trips and meetings. We also offer single and bulk airport transfers within Europe. And what about traveling to other continents? Well, we do continental transfers, set accounts, and allocate vehicles that will pick you immediately you land.

  • Concierge

Let us handle your stay in London and the UK by booking you into 5-start hotels or private apartments of your choice. We also offer close body protection for high flying individuals like VIPs, diplomats, royalties, and celebrities. Our concierge services also include family home protection and VIP escort to any place within the continent. We can also arrange exclusive private shopping experience in selected stores and retail outlets in London. Lastly, on concierge services, get in touch with us for jet and yacht purchase arrangements.

We make life simple for high-flying individuals like diplomats, celebrities, and royalties. Walk the streets with the commanding respect that you deserve with Noble Executive Limited. We are at your service to redefine luxury and opulence!