Close Protection

Close Protection

Noble Executive Limited  provides SIA approved Close Protection Operatives all ex-military / police for escorting you wherever you or your family need to go or for your home residence (RST). Just to have that peace of mind with 360 concentric security or transporting valuables or money / sensitive documents let our team take care of it. and +44 751 865 0405 also use our 24 Hour concierge chat on website to help with booking

What is close protection?

There are several benefits of hiring a company that employs ex-military and police to protect VIP clients. They include the following;

Ex-military personnel and the police are professionally trained.

This personnel are usually highly skilled and experienced. They fit very well in the specification of protecting clients. Ex-military and police also have that instilled discipline that ensures they remain dedicated to the duties and responsibilities of work. They will professionally handle clients.

They usually have an amazing work ethic.

Ex-military and police personnel usually have a really strong work ethic. These are normally the values they were taught in their training and will bring it to the company that provides Close protection services. This gives them that focused attitude which most of the other civilians lack. Customers will be handled as top priorities and they will remain dedicated and fully engaged in their role of the job which is protecting principle clients. They will be able to meet and beat deadlines therefore meeting and exceeding the client’s expectations. This is an attitude you rarely find with people out in the general public. That focused discipline is something associated with someone who has a history with the forces, be it the police or the military. Their level of dedication is also clearly seen as you will rarely find them requesting sick days off. They are dedicated on a full-time basis and clients can be served at any time any day without excuses.


Ex-military and police are renowned as people who can work under pressure while remaining calm and still focusing on the task at hand. They have that problem-solving attitude in them which will prove to be beneficial while protecting VIP UHNWI / families , Royalty and Celebrities clients. They are also able to work with limited resources as well as to adapt to different environments with ease and will be able to protect clients in various regional and global terrains , social settings very  discreetly and comfortably. Ex-military and police personnel also do have a wealth of experience , knowledge and physical application of martial arts , weapons training , counter surveillance and defensive and offensive driving. This can prove to be very beneficial in case a problem arises / a high risk situation develops while while client is going about their daily business.

As you can see, hiring a company that employs ex-military and police to provide 360 degree concentric security residential , and Bodyguard teams with principle can be very beneficial etc. These are people who can prove to be helpful in case a crisis occurs. They will be able to keep the clients safe and reduce panic. They are people who are dedicated to their work and will make sure the client’s demands are met without any excuses, delays, or failure.